About Eurogia

  • From 2004 until mid 2008, EUROGIA was a EUREKA Cluster focusing on the marketing of safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions in the Oil and Gas energy sector.
  • It became EUROGIA+ in 2008, a EUREKA Cluster for Low-Carbon Energy Technologies after the White Book was re-written in cooperation with Regional Clusters dedicated to New Technologies for Energy.
  • From June 2013 onwards, EUROGIA continues its activities under the name of EUROGIA2020, following the main targets of EUROGIA+ with more comprehensive Technology Roadmap.
  • From July 2021 onwards, EUROGIA will continue its activities by running the EUROGIA2030 programme, following the “5D” strategy objectives.

The new organization of Eureka Clusters will pave the way to a smart, sustainable, Energy efficient and carbon free Europe with introduction and implementation of new technologies such as AI, IOT, Blockchain, etc. In this respect, Eurogia cluster will foster the Energy transition in 5 different Dimensions. Our so-called “5D” Strategy which can be found on the Eurogia2030 Technology Roadmap. Its purpose is to facilitate the deployment of existing technologies and support the development of highly innovative new technical solutions.

EUROGIA is one of the EUREKA cluster, each involving many large and small European companies seeking to strengthen European competitiveness in key technology areas.

EUROGIA2030 encourages cooperation and coordination among European companies by promoting development of Low-Carbon Energy Technologies. EUROGIA2030 is complementary to existing European and national programmes and offers the route to fast market growth through European co-operation.

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