What is a Declaration of Acceptance (DoA)  and why is it necessary?

A Declaration of Acceptance (DoA) is the formal acknowledgement that the partners in the submitted proposal understand that, to provide all the required services to launch, evaluate, support and monitor projects in the AI call, an administrative charge will be levied on all funded project participants. This administrative charge has been set at 1.5% of the eligible project cost/funded participant, invoiced in proportional instalments over the duration of the project (normally 3 years).  The Declaration of Acceptance (DoA) forms (one per partner) must be submitted to the Cluster (or lead Cluster if more than one has been selected) supporting your project application with your project proposal. Project submissions will not be reviewed unless all partners have completed and uploaded an individual DoA.

My country is not listed as a supporting country of the Eurogia2030 programme – does that mean I cannot participate?

The list of countries is only those who have declared support for the call to date.  All EUREKA countries may decide to support this Call and/or individual proposals. In all cases, it is strongly recommended that potential project partners contact their supporting Public Authority to check their eligibility for support Call within the deadlines for the Call (before the submission closes).

The details of the EUREKA national contacts can be found here: www.eurekanetwork.org/eureka-countries

Given the current corona virus situation, will the submission date for proposals be postponed?

The call date has been selected considering many aspects – a main one of which was the need to get the Eurogia Call18 proposals evaluated and labelled so that some countries may still allocate support from their 2020 budgets.  If the call is postponed there is a risk that, due to delays,  it may no longer be possible to access these budgets.  The situation will be reviewed at frequent intervals through discussions between the EUREKA Clusters and the National Authorities supporting this call – but proposers should expect the call to proceed as planned.

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