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To support this Call22, Eurogia will hold a Webinar on the 18th of January, 2023, 10-12 am CET



10:00 Welcome by Niccolò Cividini (Eurogia OM)
10:00 – 10:20 Presentation of Eurogia2030 by Sinem Altuncu (Eurogia General Manager)
10:20 – 10:40 Presentation of Call22 details and process by Niccolò Cividini
Brokerage Tool Demonstration
10:40 – 11:00 Public Authorities Insight: Mr Antonio Gomez (CDTI – Spain)
11:00 – 11:30 Dr Can Sindirac (Aspilsan) Present and Future Participation in the Eurogia programme
11:30 Q&A
12:00 Closing remarks


Webinar REGISTRATION:  Send an email to contact(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) with you name and affiliation.


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EUREKA Eurogia Past Events

Eurogia2030 and Grupo Érre hereby invite you and your company to take part in the Eurogia2030 PO Days in Braga (Portugal), the 26th and 27th of July.
Eurogia is the Eureka Cluster on Low Carbon Energy Technologies, enabling a large international community of large industrial companies, SMEs, Universities and Research Institutes to collaborate for R&D Projects. The goal is to turn innovative ideas into new businesses, with an economic and social impact on the society.
We would like to welcome you to become part of this ecosystem and to have collaborations to see your ideas become reality.

Agenda – Tuesday 26th of July – PO Days

  • 9h30 – Opening Speech – Luís Roby, Board Member of Grupo Erre
  • 9h40    EUROGIA Opening Speech – Murat Pınar, EnerjiSA CEO
  • 9h50 – Eurogia Presentation – Sinem Altuncu, EUROGIA General Manager
  • 10h20 – Eurogia Calls Overview – Sophie Theys, EUROGIA Technical Committee Chairwoman
  • 10h50 – Coffee Break
  • 11h20 – Keynote Speech, Portuguese Chairmanship Eureka – Ricardo Conde TBC
  • 11h50 – Round Table with Q&A – “The Impact of Innovation”
  • 12h30 – Network Lunch
  • 14h30 – Companies Pitches Presentations
  • 15h30 – B2B Meetings
  • 16h30 – Closing

PO Days Session:

The 26th morning there will be a Seminar with our Panelist, talking about the EurekaNetwork and the Eurogia2030 Programmes.
The 26th afternoon will be dedicated to pitch presentations from the participants. In this session have the opportunity to present a PO Idea or your company/University to the Eurogia Community.
All the sessions will be broadcasted as a Webinar.
The registration consent you to participate in person or participate through an online session.
B2B matchmaking opportunities will be facilitated during and after the PO Session, in order to implement contacts and collaborations among the participants.



27th July – Sight Visits to Portuguese Companies/Universities

Don’t miss the chance to visit with an Eurogia Delegation some of the Portuguese Companies/Universities which will be part of the Eurogia community.

Specific registration is needed for participate in this activity.

To register for the Sight Visit Please send an email to contact(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)


The Event will be hosted by the Eurogia 2030 Board Member Grupo Érre

AEMinho invites Ms Sinem Altuncu, General Manager of the EUROGIA Cluster, to present the opportunities within the EUROGIA program, in the Call for Sustainability, which is open until the 2nd of May.

Come and discover your opportunities in this SPEED TALK!

Speed Talks are online sessions lasting 30 to 45 minutes. At the end you can have a 15min private session with the speaker.

Press release 28/01/2022

We would like to announce that, on the 20th of December 2021, the Eurogia Board of Directors approved the two new Eurogia Board Members,

The new members will contribute actively in the Eurogia2030 programme. New Technical Committee Members have been appointed from the new Eurogia Members.

Mr. Luis Roby will represent Grupo Érre and Mr. Şahin Çağlayan will represent Reengen as Board Members on the Eurogia Board Of Directors.

Sinem Altuncu, Eurogia2030 General Manager, and the other Clusters Directors will take part as speakers during the event to present the Eureka Cluster Programme to the South Korea industries and Universities.


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