Actionable Insights as a Market Research Service Provider

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Actionable Insights as a Market Research Service Provider
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MoiLeon is a market research service provider in several sectors, we offer comprehensive analysis and insights on market trends, consumer analysis, competitive landscape to help organizations make informed business decisions.
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Tel.: +49 162 6974258
High Tech - Consultancy - Research & Innovations

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  • F7 Other
  • G4 Zero carbon building
  • H3 Energy as a service


Name: Moisés Bismarck Medina De León
Company: MoiLeon
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Germany
Telephone: +491626974258

Brief description of my Organisation


We are a group of expertise in special sectors to offer solutions and give answers to some requests. To cope with current issues and at the same time to enhance the quality of different markets. Offers solutions in the aerospace, automotive, Smart city, green energy, health, clean water, R&I, safe system, international development, public affairs and more.

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