Cement, Lime, Concrete and Aggregate Plant Sites for Pilot and Industrial Scale Demonstrations

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Cement, Lime, Concrete and Aggregate Plant Sites for Pilot and Industrial Scale Demonstrations
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Bastas Cement's vision is to be a part of developing green technologies and techniques by developing carbon capture, utilization and storage projects that include industrial or pilot scale demonstrations and designing and testing new eco-cements; industrial or pilot scale utilization and testing of final products. To support these approaches and for modernization of our facilities, Bastas Cement also focuses on Sustainability, Digitalization and Energy subjects as a current user of Automation/Tracing Systems and Waste Heat Recovery systems on production process.
As an industrial partner, Bastas Cement can bring added value to the projects by merging its industrial capability and experience, with the culture of R&D and the vision of Innovation.

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Name: Cagatay Alp Arslan
Company: Bastas Cement
Type of Organisation: Industry
Country: Turkey
Web: http://www.bastas.com.tr
Telephone: +905352057975

Brief description of my Organisation

Bastas Cement is one of the two integrated cement plants (Bastas and Konya Cement Plants) of VICAT Group located in Ankara/Turkey. Bastas Cement has 2.6 million tons per year production capacity. Together with Konya Cement, Bastas Cement has supplemented its operations in Turkey with activities in Ready-mixed Concrete & Aggregates by operating 35 concrete batch plants, 7 aggregate quarries and 1 lime production plant.
As the cement industry is responsible for about 8% of total CO2 emissions in the world, Bastas Cement pays special attention on reducing CO2 footprint and protecting natural resources.
In this scope, Bastas Cement is one the leading cement plants in terms of using alternative fuels (up to 65% in mass) such as RDF (Refuse-derived fuel) and shredded/whole tyres. Also Bastas Cement produces blended cements with around 80% clinker. The replacement of clinker, of which production process is responsible for the major part of CO2 emissions, allows to reduce CO2 footprint.

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