IT infrastructure services and software solutions provider

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IT infrastructure services and software solutions provider
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PEAKUP, provides cloud computing infrastructure solutions and software development solutions. The company was appored R&D Center Status by the Ministry of Science and Industry in Turkey since 2018. PEAKUP has proven R&D capabilities, experience in national and international collaborations, expert staff, intense original solutions and high-tech products.
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Name: Gamze Mıhcı
Company: PEAKUP Technology
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Turkey

Brief description of my Organisation

PEAKUP is an SME and a technology company established with 100% domestic capital to provide end-to-end solutions and products from IT infrastructure services to software development activities. From the day it got into action, PEAKUP helped over 1.000.000 users to change to cloud computing technology and keeps creating technology solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa with more than 1000 customers. PEAKUP aims to carry our society to the future with its sustainable innovation culture it has formed with a strong and dynamic team, and by developing high-tech products with R&D activities. PEAKUP’s strategic objective is to deliver innovations for a connected life with products and solutions that either contain digital and innovative technologies.

Our sectoral areas where we offer our solutions and services:

Our expertises:
-Internet of things
-Image processing
-Machine learning, Deep learning
-Cloud computing solutions
-Analytics platforms
-Security solutions
-Production time estimation engine
-Microprocessor circuit design
-Autonomous systems
-Energy management & optimization
-Sustainability solutions
-Employee experience

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