MORE is available to work in partnership for this project.

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MORE is available to work in partnership for this project.
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To add and explain our areas of operation, we distinguished ourselves in the enhancement of by-products of agro-industrial and forestry activities, development of natural ingredients for different industrial sectors and branding in the food sector, sustainable agriculture and forestry, low consumption agriculture, “Green” technologies, climate action, environment and biodiversity, ecosystem resilience and resource and raw material efficiency, healthy aging programs and e-health tools, wellness tourism, spa and nature sports activities, preservation of cultural heritage and territorial enhancement, new tourism products and service, creation, implementation and monitoring of devices with capacity for analysis and control over industrial equipment and processes, development of clean and efficient energy initiatives, intelligent technology applied in the management and modernization of products and services in agriculture.

Expertise key words
  • F2 Solar
  • F4 Biomass
  • G5 Co-generation | CHP
  • G7 Smart sensors
  • H3 Energy as a service
  • I5 Other


Name: MORE - Mountains Collaborative Research Laboratory - Association
Company: MORE - Mountains Collaborative Research Laboratory - Association
Type of Organisation: Research
Country: Portugal
Telephone: +351 300 081 999

Brief description of my Organisation

MORE Colab - Mountains of Research is a collaborative laboratory, based in Portugal, who have the mission to be a link between scientific knowledge and the business community. Our areas of expertise range are: clean energy project development, management and efficient use of natural resources and raw materials, technologies to support the modernization of the primary and secondary sector, study and application of smart technology in agriculture, forestry and food industry. We work with projects co-financed by the European Union and provide services to the business community in the area of innovation and research.

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