Powerful compact ROS-enabled track loader robot for autonomous agriculture and forestry operations

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Powerful compact ROS-enabled track loader robot for autonomous agriculture and forestry operations
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The past experience with mobile robotic technologies endow Ingeniarius with the necessary expertise to demonstrate the use of mobile robots under harsh conditions. The most disruptive solution developed by Ingeniarius is an advanced heavy-duty autonomous prototype capable of operating in near-real environments (TRL6), addressing the contemporary challenge of sustainable intensification and designed with the intent to conserve our natural resources and create ecosystems that are resilient to climate change.
The Ranger robotic platform is a result of bygone and ongoing R&D projects and combines multiple disruptive sensing technologies and novel robotic approaches, which are in line with the areas of expertise of Ingeniarius and within the application domain aimed by the Eureka EUROGIA THEMATIC GREEN TRANSITION CALL.
The Ranger consists on a powerful compact Robot Operating System (ROS)-enabled track loader that can operate in autonomous mode, semi-autonomous mode (considering humans-in-the-loop) and in manual mode (from inside the operator cab, as any common compact track loader available in the market). The robot has been evaluated under forestry maintenance operations, with the intent to autonomously reduce fuel accumulation. This mission essentially consists of cutting down trees and mowing down ground vegetation.
Ingeniarius has been focusing in tailoring a full software package ecosystem comprising localization, path planning, navigation, perception and mulching.
The Ranger can be a unique asset in any technology-driven green transition project addressing issues such as energy preservation, sustainable manufacturing, bioresources and biodiversity, wherein Ingeniarius intends to further develop the existing robotic abilities expected for the Ranger to have under such domains.

Expertise key words
  • G6 Electronics & appliances
  • K1 IoT
  • K2 Artificial Intelligence


Name: Micael Couceiro
Company: Ingeniarius, Ltd.
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Portugal
Web: https://ingeniarius.pt/
Telephone: +351961171409

Brief description of my Organisation

Ingeniarius is a private SME that aims for research and technological development around mobile robotics and intelligent systems. The company’s philosophy is to produce and commercialize new products and know-how in line with the state of the art, promoting the cooperation between public institutions and private technological entities, adopting both concepts of market-pull and technology-push.
Ingeniarius team is experienced in the full chain of mechatronics development – mechanics, electronics and software (both low-level and high-level), from which the portfolio includes the full development of unmanned field robots, namely for ground, aerial and underwater applications, and the robotization of existing vehicles, such as electric cars and heavy-duty machines.
Since 2014, Ingeniarius already led four consortia with an overall budget of 2.8 million Euros; all R&D projects cofounded by the Portugal2020 programme and under the coordination of Micael Couceiro. Furthermore, Ingeniarius has also earned international visibility by being selected for cascade funding under both ESMERA and DIVA projects open calls. All these projects are the stepping stone that led to the disruptive Ranger heavy-duty mobile robot solution.

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