R&D in the construction sector

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R&D in the construction sector
Expertise offered

1. Digitization of the construction sector: databases and BIM libraries; software to manage and make decisions; digital twin
2. Sustainable construction: circular economy, decarbonissation, LCA/LCC, environmental audits
3. Certification of innovative construction products: Technical guidance, evaluation and technical certification of innovative
products, product manufacturing and installation process.
4. Market studies and trends: Analysis of the innovation in the market for innovative products to measure
and improve their competitiveness.
5. Training and capacity programs

Expertise key words


Name: David
Company: The Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology
Type of Organisation: Research
Country: Spain
Web: https://en.itec.cat/

Brief description of my Organisation

ITEC is a non-profit private foundation at the service of society, working in the construction sector since 1978. Our goals as an organization to support innovation are the generation and transfer of information, knowledge and tools together with the provision of technological services, to improve the competitiveness of the construction sector. ITeC is already involved in 8 EU R&D projects and 6 national R&D projects. More information here: https://en.itec.cat/services/rd/ ITeC contributions: (1) Training and capacity building programs; (2) Sustainable construction -LCA, LCC, circular economy, etc.-; (3) Collaboration with the Spanish public authorities; (4) tools to manage and make decisions compatible with BIM; (5) Digital twin; (6) Sensorization; (7) Standardization and certification; (8) Databases and BIM libraries; (9) Market research; etc.

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