R&D on hydrogen technologies

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R&D on hydrogen technologies
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ENERGYLAB is a RTO specialised in the development of projects to generate, produce, storage and distribute green hydrogen using renewable energy and mainly through biological-based routes and waste recovery.

The centre works actively within the H2 value chain giving support to the industrial sector, to optimize and promote these technologies. To achieve this objective, EnergyLab offers several highly specialized facilities and a multidisciplinary work team with extensive experience in different phases of the R&D projects.

Main topics of expertise are:
*Production of hydrogen from renewable sources and through bio-based routes
*Purification advanced mechanisms
*Use of hydrogen as energy carrier and storage system
*Hydrogen systems integration and operation
*Mobility projects

Expertise key words
  • G2 Micro grid
  • G5 Co-generation | CHP
  • I2 Fuel cells
  • I4 Hydrogen storage


Name: Paula Iglesias
Company: Energylab Technology Centre
Type of Organisation: Research
Country: Spain
Web: https://energylab.es/

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