R&D – Plastic Injection Molding – Tweensheet

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R&D - Plastic Injection Molding - Tweensheet
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Karel Kalıp Sanayi A.Ş. have been operating as an R&D Center with the official approval of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology since 2015. Given how rapidly moulding and production technologies are evolving, R&D and innovation have never been more important. Our team of experts are currently at work on the following technologies:

Our expert R&D Team is currently at work on the following technologies:

Lightweight studies with new generation composite and plastic materials,

Moldability of polyurethane materials,

İnmold Decoration studies,

Termoforming Process development,

Overmolding Process development,

Insert Molding Process development,

As Karel Kalıp, we know that, cooperation with other R&D centers, universities, national & international companies at every chance, brings new technologies and innovation.

As a result, with our contribution, we are paving the way;

To economic progress by transforming cooperation into technology and production.
To R&D and innovation.
To new technologies.

In addition to interior, exterior, lighting and SMC molds, we also provide mold modification and engineering services.

We are also working on electric vehicles, which is the subject of today and the future, and we want to do more projects in this area.

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Name: Ezginaz Karamahmutoğlu
Company: Karel Kalıp Sanayi A.Ş.
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Turkey
Web: http://www.karelkalip.com.tr/en/

Brief description of my Organisation

Karel Kalıp is a strategic investment that was started in 1994 for the plastic mold needs of Karel Elektronik AŞ. In the first years of its establishment, it was decided to transform the formation into a profit center when it attracted a lot of attention from the market. In this direction; mold manufacturing was started first for the white goods and then for the automotive sector.
Since 2002, it has been working only on automotive. It is the leader in the mold manufacturing of large and medium-sized plastic and composite parts in our country.
Especially in Turkey, it is the only mold company that can manufacture bumper molds.
Due to the nature of the molds produced, before the establishment of Karel Kalıp, they were only supplied through imports. With the establishment of Karel Kalıp, the molds produced in our country contribute to reducing the current account deficit of our country.
In 2011, R&D studies were initiated within the scope of “lightening in automotive” and it became an R&D Center in 2015. He has dozens of projects on lightening in the automotive.

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