Renewable Hydrogen Supply

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Renewable Hydrogen Supply
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Taking advantage of the renewable energy production capacity that ABEI Energy has, we are currently working on developing renewable hydrogen projects integrally (production, transport and distribution) at the countries where we are present, focusing on mobility, industry and natural gas blending as the final uses for the produced green hydrogen, with the main objective of decarbonizing these sectors at a fixed and competitive price. We are willing to invest in all associated infrastructure for the generation, transport and distribution of green H2 to the demand point, but also open to explore different type of business models and collaborations.

We are very interested in establishing collaboration with entities that are currently using hydrogen as part of their business activities, and/or which would be open to consume renewable hydrogen in order to decarbonize their operations at a fixed and competitive price; focusing on mobility, industry and natural gas blending as the final uses for the produced green hydrogen. We can use one of our renewable projects for the generation of green hydrogen, but we are also open to develop an ad-hoc project for a specific consumer.

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Name: Lucas Anton Losada
Company: ABEI Energy
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Spain

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ABEI Energy is an IPP that fully manages renewable electricity generation projects. It is present in the entire cycle (Development, Construction and Asset Management), allowing the optimization of results in each phase of the process. It has more than 20 years of proven experience in developing renewable projects in Europe, USA and LATAM, and it is committed to the energy transition towards zero emission electricity generation with the challenge of reducing generation costs and developing an industry that generates employment at the following geographies: Spain, Italy, France, UK, Poland and USA.

At the Emerging Technologies Area, we are working on more innovative projects within the sector, such as hydrogen, storage (batteries), offshore wind, floating PV and agrivoltaics, with technologies that are currently in a more advanced pre-commercial/commercial state.

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