RideShark offers a custom-labelled modular multimodal MaaS platform

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RideShark offers a custom-labelled modular multimodal MaaS platform
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RideShark focuses on green mobility through the delivery of a custom labelled platform that provides for multimodal trip planning, rideshare matching, integrated transportation wallet, distributed payments and supportive modules such as trip logging, incentive management, challenges, parking management and more. It was built to encourage ans support trial and use of sustainable travel options.

The powerful platform is allows for large scale pilots and demonstration projects and it's extensive data collection allows for detailed transportation and behaviour change analyses.

Expertise key words
  • H1 Demand Side Management
  • I5 Other
  • K2 Artificial Intelligence
  • K3 Data storage


Name: Sharon Lewinson
Company: RideShark Corporation
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Canada
Web: http://www.RideShark.com
Telephone: 00 1 613 226 9845

Brief description of my Organisation

RideShark is an SME based in Ottawa, Canada. With a talented IT team, we have a long and successful history of comprehensive R&D work internationally. RideShark's sole focus is on sustainable mobility.

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