W’wave – Expertise on wind energy, Computerized Fluid Mechanics and Structural Engineering

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W'wave - Expertise on wind energy, Computerized Fluid Mechanics and Structural Engineering
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W'wave is an SME based in Spain, with offices in Denmark and Houston (US), which, in addition to its core technological expertise (Concentrated Wind Power), has expertise in the following areas:
-Computerized Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
-Structural Engineering
-Wind farm development
-Wind Turbine Technology
-Wind Cost-of-Energy
-Wind Business Development

We are open to partnerships and collaborations with other companies and consortia that can see value in our expertise.

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Name: Manuel Alcocer
Company: W'wave
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Spain
Web: https://www.wwavenet.com/
Telephone: 607263818

Brief description of my Organisation

W’wave is the wind pioneer in Concentrated Wind Power solutions, a new technology that will decisively support the wind industry and world in its quest to fight Climate Change and make renewable energy more competititve.

We are specialised in designing, sourcing and manufacturing, installing, and developing Concentrated Wind Power Systems (in short, our WindWave), a new technology to Optimize Wind in wind farms so that its turbines can harvest more energy at lower cost, empowering our customers and partners to construct more powerful wind farms siting turbines closer to each other.

The team is composed by a group of partners and employees that have complementary skills in the field of wind technology, structural engineering, Computerized Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and wind business development.

The technology is constantly developing to offer our customers and collaborators better product features and a better collaboration experience. Thanks to our involvement with all the wind energy industry’s value chain, it will be installed across the globe.

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