Offering Expertise in ML/AI and Software Development

Name: Ugur Aybars ESER
Company Name: Dogus Bilgi Islem ve Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.S

Expertise offered:
Dogus Technology has developed many R&D projects for different sectors with its expertise in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Blockchain, SW Platform Development and Web/Mobile Applications. Dogus Technology is involved in R&D project proposals related to sustainability and reducing climate change effects on the world. There are currently four EUREKA projects which are in the FPP phase and two waiting for TÜBİTAK (the national official institution of Turkey) approval. • Solar Energy Management Optimization (SOLARPULSE): Proposed under EUREKA’s Turkey-Spain Call. Dogus Technology will develop ML/AI algorithms in order to predict the amount of electricity production and consumption on[...]

Expertise key words:F2 SolarG1 Smart gridH1 Demand Side ManagementH2 Demand forecastK2 Artificial IntelligenceK4 Blockchain

We offer our expertise on innovative solutions to explore the capacities of new algorithms in domains of AI such as Information Extraction, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Name: Lucas
Company Name: Yumytech

Expertise offered:
After having developed advanced skills in mobile development and artificial intelligence (machine learning), we now realise solutions for external customers and start marketing our products under a white label. Our expertise and diversity of our team pushes us to regularly respond to European (AAL - currently two ongoing projects -, Eurostars) and Swiss (Innosuisse) R&D projects. Thanks to an excellent implantation in the local economic and political environment combined with agile development methods, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions at the cutting edge of research.

Expertise key words:K1 IoTK2 Artificial IntelligenceK4 Blockchain

Information protection, encryption, web and mobile app development, security, anonymization, cloud solutions, testing

Name: André Maia
Company Name: Trust Systems

Expertise offered:
Trust Systems works on improving organizations' information ecosystems so that they become more productive. We are specialized in Information Security solutions, and develop projects in an agile and fast way, in contexts where Security is a critical dimension. We work in close partnership with leading manufacturers in their respective areas of expertise, and deliver the most appropriate and efficient solution in each case.

Expertise key words:F7 Other

IT infrastructure services and software solutions provider

Name: Gamze Mıhcı
Company Name: PEAKUP Technology

Expertise offered:
PEAKUP, provides cloud computing infrastructure solutions and software development solutions. The company was appored R&D Center Status by the Ministry of Science and Industry in Turkey since 2018. PEAKUP has proven R&D capabilities, experience in national and international collaborations, expert staff, intense original solutions and high-tech products. We are happy to discuss details for partnerships. Please do not hesitate to contact me:


End User for Plastic Packaging

Name: Selin Karaca
Company Name: Huhtamaki Flexibles Istanbul (Elif)

Expertise offered:
Elif, a Huhtamaki company, is a benchmark fl exible packaging provider with two world-class plants in Istanbul and Cairo. Since September 2021 Elif has been part of Huhtamaki, a key global provider of sustainable packaging solutions for consumers around the world. Huhtamaki’s innovative products protect on-the-go and on-the-shelf food and beverages, ensure hygiene and safety, and help preventfood waste. We embed sustainability in everything we do. We are committed to achieving carbon-neutral production and designing all our products to be recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2030. We are a participant in the UN Global Compact and EcoVadis has awarded Huhtamaki[...]

Expertise key words:F7 OtherG1 Smart grid

Oyak Renault

Name: Ufuk Kuzgunkaya
Company Name: Oyak Renault

Expertise offered:
Vehicle Plant, Powertrain Plant, High Pressure Aluminum Injection Facility

Expertise key words:I5 Other

HepsiJET – Smart Logistics Company

Name: Alper Gun
Company Name: HepsiJET

Expertise offered:
HepsiJET can provide smart engineering solutions in the domain of logistics. We are a well established R&D center, located in Turkey, supporting our logistics operations with our experienced R&D team. For a detailed discussion, please contact me via


expertise in the energy sector and innovative strategies for digitalization and moving toward a carbon-free environment.

Name: Farzaneh Bagheri
Company Name: INELSO energy system

Expertise offered:
The INELSO energy company is a 10-year-old SME enterprise located in Antalya/Turkey with a skilled team of engineers and technicians. The area of our skills are as follows: -Remote Monitoring and energy management -IoT-Software tools and platform development -SCADA systems and smart metering -Artificial intelligence methods -Big data and analytics -Hardware tools and developments

Expertise key words:F2 SolarG1 Smart gridK1 IoTK2 Artificial Intelligence

R&D – Plastic Injection Molding – Tweensheet

Name: Ezginaz Karamahmutoğlu
Company Name: Karel Kalıp Sanayi A.Ş.

Expertise offered:
Karel Kalıp Sanayi A.Ş. have been operating as an R&D Center with the official approval of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology since 2015. Given how rapidly moulding and production technologies are evolving, R&D and innovation have never been more important. Our team of experts are currently at work on the following technologies: Our expert R&D Team is currently at work on the following technologies: Lightweight studies with new generation composite and plastic materials, Moldability of polyurethane materials, İnmold Decoration studies, Termoforming Process development, Overmolding Process development, Insert Molding Process development, As Karel Kalıp, we know that, cooperation with[...]

Expertise key words:F7 OtherI5 Other

Smart Mobility Solutions

Name: Elif Çora
Company Name: Parabol

Expertise offered:
Parabol has specialized in multimodal mobility analytics and management solutions by gathering mobility-related data from different sources and turning them into insights and recommendations since 2011. We provide answers for the 5WH questions of urban mobility (what, where, when, why, how) such as “why people move and how they move” by processing billions of daily big mobility data and developing mobility algorithms. The company’s main expertise is in big data, data mining, artificial intelligence, AI-based mobility algorithms, cloud computing, mobility management, freight mobility, urban planning, software development, mobile application development, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), traffic safety and public transport[...]

Expertise key words:K1 IoTK2 Artificial Intelligence
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