Flexible Grid, Energy Storage, V2G

Name: Tuğçe Eren
Company Name: OEDAŞ

Expertise offered:
OEDAS is involved in various R&D projects in order to contribute to reducing the effects of the climate change and creating a sustainable world. OEDAS has 4 different R&D and Innovation projects funded by European Union’s Horizon2020 framework programme and more than 10 projects domestically funded by EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority). These projects focus on the application of smart grid technologies with cutting-edge technologies such as IOT, block chain, big data, AI and etc. For this purpose, various use cases are carried out in different types of projects, especially with EVs and storage systems. R&D team of OEDAS mainly[...]

Expertise key words:G1 Smart gridG3 Smart meters

Power/green electronics, thermal storage and energy optimisation

Name: Gestor de Investigación Física y Matemáticas
Company Name: University of Salamanca

Expertise offered:
The Research Group on High-Frequency Nanoelectronic Devices and the Research Group on Energy Optimization, Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics in the Applied Physics department are willing to collaborate in EUROGIA international consortiums. The experience of these research groups focuses on the following topics: Research Group on High-Frequency Nanoelectronic Devices * Design and simulation of nanodevices and power electronics devices, including devices for high-frequency applications. * DC and RF, and noise device characterization. Research Group on Energy Optimization, Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics * Energy converters and their optimization, including CSP systems and thermal storage.

Expertise key words:F2 SolarG6 Electronics & appliancesI3 Thermal storage

Optimization based planing of dezentralized energy systems and forward looking supervisory control

Name: Michael Zellinger
Company Name: BEST Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies GmbH

Expertise offered:
Development of optimization-based energy planning tools Mixed-integer linear or linearized optimization methods are combined with load flow analyses to determine the optimal distribution of decentralized technologies (e.g. PV, battery storage, heat pumps, CHP, electric mobility etc.) in the distribution network, energy community or industry. Design of energy systems OptEnGrid, an advanced design and optimization software for decentralized energy systems developed by BEST, allows comprehensive technology-neutral analyses to be carried out for any site. The results can be used to derive measures for the test systems analysed. These include concepts for the energy system, the control system and an assessment of[...]

Expertise key words:G2 Micro gridH1 Demand Side ManagementH2 Demand forecastK2 Artificial Intelligence

Design and construction of turnkey plants related to the valorization of wood and non woody residues for the production of solid biofuels such as wood chips and pellets.

Name: Ana González Cencerrado
Company Name: PRODESA

Expertise offered:
From the very beginning the company has been developing in the environmental and energy sectors. First projects were related to technologies of valorization of agricultural food waste, pulp, etc. and its transformation into raw materials for animal food. Nowadays the main activity of PRODESA is focused in the design and construction of turnkey plants related to the valorization of wood and forest residues for the production of solid biofuels such as wood chips and wood pellets. Besides, PRODESA´s pellet plants can be associated to CHP Plants cogeneration that provides thermal and electric energy for the internal use of the plant[...]

Expertise key words:F4 BiomassG5 Co-generation | CHPH3 Energy as a service

AI&IoT Platform for Energy Monitoring, Data Analytics, Middleware Services

Name: Doğukan Aycı
Company Name: Reengen Energy Technologies AS

Expertise offered:
Reengen is the developer of the AI&IoT Platform to employ machine learning algorithms and big data analytics in order to provide energy saving, operational efficiency, energy optimization and predictive maintenance for its stakeholders. Our solutions and expertise offers, Integrations & Middleware Services: Our platform’s cloud gateway can communicate seamlessly with hundreds of sensors/equipment/systems in the market and supports data ETL tools and RESTful APIs for 3rd party application integration or to share data with other departments internally. It is possible to monitor all kinds of energy assets in projects and to integrate into the systems and solutions of the project[...]

Expertise key words:G1 Smart gridG2 Micro gridG4 Zero carbon buildingH1 Demand Side ManagementH2 Demand forecastH3 Energy as a serviceK1 IoTK2 Artificial IntelligenceK3 Data storage

Consulting and Engineering (project and supervision) in the Oil & Gas, renewable and Hydrogen sectors. Training for professionals in the sector, both in LNG and Hydrogen. Innovation projects in the Hydrogen area Fluid management and control

Name: Igor Jaumandreu/Sofia Santos
Company Name: VANGUARDLAND Consultoria Energética Unipessoal, Lda.

Expertise offered:
In consulting sector, we develop Studies, training and fluid management. In engineering, Hydrogen, Oil, natural gas, onshore maritime, and renewable projects. STUDIES: - Energy efficiency. - Electricity and green hydrogen generation. - Market characterization for green hydrogen projects. - Feasibility of Hidroductos (or "Hidrogenoductos") for transporting hydrogen and blending with natural gas. - Hydrogen applications for mobility. - Hydrogen applications in static installations, consumption in industrial clients, 100% pure or mixtures with NG and other gases.  Biomass, solutions for generation, transport and final use.  Biogas, modular solutions, feasibility, design and end use.

Expertise key words:F4 BiomassF6 Oil | gas | coal enhanced practicesG5 Co-generation | CHPH1 Demand Side ManagementH3 Energy as a serviceI2 Fuel cellsI4 Hydrogen storageI5 OtherJ2 Fueling/charging infrastructure

Technology and service provider for floating wind platforms

Name: Giovanni Rinaldi
Company Name: Principle Power

Expertise offered:
Principle Power is an independent technology and services provider offering solutions for floating offshore wind projects that span the entire project lifecycle, from development to decommissioning. We configure our WindFloat® technology solutions to meet client and project-specific requirements, provided under license to our clients. We design robust and flexible project execution plans designed to minimize cost and risk while optimizing our solutions for available port infrastructure and supply chain capacity. For more information please visit https://www.principlepower.com/services.

Expertise key words:F1 WindF5 Marine power

Solar energy technologies for different applications

Name: Ana Isabel Palmero Marrero
Company Name: INEGI (Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Expertise offered:
Senior Researcher at Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP-UPORTO) and INEGI (Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering). I am also an invited auxiliary professor at FEUP, lecturing at both undergraduate and post graduate courses. My research activities are related to Solar Energy Systems (thermal and photovoltaic), Energy in Buildings and polygeneration technologies. I was involved in several European research projects funded through the Joule and Energy programs concerning Sustainable Energy Systems, such as R-D-SBES-R, REELCOOP, POWERSOL, SOLAR LOUVRE and GeoAtlantic. I have published more than 50 scientific papers in books, international journals and[...]

Expertise key words:F2 SolarG4 Zero carbon buildingG5 Co-generation | CHPH3 Energy as a service

Electronic components and systems design

Name: Jose T. de Sousa
Company Name: Iobundle, Lda

Expertise offered:
We design electronic components (digital ICs and FPGAs) and boards, with the intent of providing you with unparalleled computing power at the minimum energy consumption. Our technology is most useful for small devices that operate on battery power in areas of difficult access, such as intelligent sensors, transmission and control equipment. We specialize in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications. We are an ideal partner for a European-funded project, and we are based in Portugal.

Expertise key words:G6 Electronics & appliancesG7 Smart sensorsK1 IoTK2 Artificial Intelligence

Image Processing, Software Development, Immersive Technologies, Health Information Technologies

Name: Melek Erturk
Company Name: MIA Teknoloji

Expertise offered:
MIA Technology continues its R&D software development activities with more than 15 years of experience. It has advanced solutions in the fields of Immersive Technologies, Health Information Systems, Smart City Management, Renewable Energy Systems Management, Autonomous Anomaly Detection with Image Processing, Authentication, Facility Security and Management Systems, Perimeter Surveillance and Border Security and Intelligent Transportation. We believe that with our expertise and experience, we can support you in software development and innovative technologies.

Expertise key words:F7 OtherI5 Other
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