Heat-to-electricity energy conversion, Redox flow battery, Solar-thermal integrated water electrolysis

Name: Dowon Bae
Company Name: Loughborough University

Expertise offered:
The Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Laboratory (EECS Lab) at Loughborough University is dedicated to flow-cell-based electrochemical energy storage and conversion system development. The main fields of research include: - Solar-rechargeable redox flow battery (SRFB) - RFB with thermally-regenerative electrochemical cycle (TREC) - Photoelectrochemical and PV-integrated water electrolysis - Thermally-accelerated water electrolysis for the hydrogen production - Lab-scale flow cell design & fabrication - Solar thermal collector design for water electrolyser Currently, our research is focused on both theoretical modelling and experimental verification that reveal the untapped potential of the electrochemical energy conversion and storage systems.

Expertise key words:F2 SolarF7 OtherI1 BatteriesI3 Thermal storage

consulting, advisory, engineering and training for hydrogen projects and its derivatives

Name: Sebastián Álvarez
Company Name: ECIT

Expertise offered:
Sebastián Álvarez is a Mechanical Civil Engineer from the University of Chile specialized in hydrogen generation and applications. He has experience in the integral development of engineering projects for hydrogen plants from their conception, pre and feasibility studies, basic and detailed engineering, as well as the installation and commissioning of equipment related to the value chain. In addition, he teaches the hydrogen technologies diploma course at the Catholic University and has participated as a speaker, panelist, professor or consultant in various public and private initiatives of institutions such as the Ministry of Energy, Energy Sustainability Agency, GIZ, Chilean-German Chamber of[...]

Expertise key words:H3 Energy as a serviceI2 Fuel cellsI4 Hydrogen storage

CCUS, Bioenergy, Thermal Energy Storage, BECCS, Hydrogen from Biomass

Name: Wenbin Zhang
Company Name: Nottingham Trent University

Expertise offered:
Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilization (CCUS): ‐ Integration of CCUS with power/industrial sectors ‐ Mineralization based CCUS technology ‐ Negative carbon emission technologies such as Bioenergy with CCS (BECCS) and Direct Air Capture (DAC) ‐ Solid adsorbents in fluidized bed reactors Industrial Decarbonization: ‐ Integration of Carbon Capture and Utilization for deep decarbonization ‐ Alternative low carbon energy fuels (Bioenergy, Hydrogen, ammonia) ‐ Improvement in process energy efficiency (Novel Heat Pumps; Waste Heat Recovery and Combined Heat & Power) ‐ Integration of thermal energy storag Bioenergy Production and Utilization: ‐ Hydrogen production from biomass, industrial and agricultural wastes ‐ High[...]


Exploring Collaborative Opportunities in Sustainable Industrial IoT Solutions

Name: Timo
Company Name: IoT-Monitor

Expertise offered:
We are an local integrator of industrial IoT solutions with a primary focus on environmentally sustainable use cases in Chile. Our expertise lies in remote monitoring of environmental variables in the sector Air, Water, Energy, and Smart Agriculture. As we expand our reach to South America, we are actively seeking new and innovative projects that align with our commitment to sustainability. Our goal is to collaborate with organizations and individuals who share our vision for leveraging technology to address environmental challenges. Additionally, we are interested in establishing partnerships with technology providers and manufacturers to integrate their cutting-edge hardware, sensors, and[...]


Specific and complex software solutions

Name: Amarula Solutions
Company Name: Amarula Solutions s.r.o.

Expertise offered:
We are experts in specific and more complicated customer requirements and problems, such as connection and synchronization of multiple devices and data synchronization, OS automation and optimization, backend and application and OS security, payment terminals and their keying, BLE, QR and NFC technologies, SIP logs, and more. We work mainly in JAVA, Kotlin, PHP, C, C++. We also have experience in the implementation of R&D projects and can help you obtain a subsidy for your innovative product or service from European sources. We are looking for a consortium that will welcome our comprehensive view of the matter and use our[...]

Expertise key words:K1 IoT

Energy and Biofactory Expertise for Water Treatment Plants

Name: Jose Luis Molto Marin
Company Name: Tedagua (COBRA Group)

Expertise offered:
Project Coordination: Proficiency in coordinating and managing energy and biofactory projects for water treatment plants. We excel in administrative, technical, and financial oversight to ensure project success. Technological Showcase: A proven track record in designing, constructing, and operating energy-efficient biofactories within water treatment plants. We showcase innovative technologies that optimize resource utilization, enhance energy efficiency, and promote sustainable practices. Resource Access: Access to renewable energy sources and bioresources suitable for biofactory operations. We facilitate both offsite provisions and onsite connections, ensuring direct access to resources for immediate utilization. Strategic Collaboration: Actively engaged in strategic partnerships, research, and business planning to[...]

Expertise key words:F4 BiomassF7 OtherI5 OtherK2 Artificial Intelligence

IoT platform for enhanced data management

Name: Carmina Bocanegra
Company Name: ELLIOT CLOUD

Expertise offered:
ELLIOT CLOUD is a platform as a service (PaaS) which connects and manages all sorts of IoT devices, allowing fast deployment of secure and scalable systems. Proposed contribution to projects: Elliot Cloud's fully operational IoT platform can be integrated within buildings and renewable energy facilities (mainly solar and wind) in different locations (plants, buildings, neighbourhood or district level), retrieving, analysing and storing data from different sources including data from the grid (flexibility needs, energy prices, etc.). We have developed many connectors so any kind of data source can be integrated into one single place, bringing interoperability to the system. We[...]

Expertise key words:F1 WindF2 SolarG1 Smart gridG3 Smart metersG4 Zero carbon buildingG7 Smart sensorsK1 IoTK2 Artificial IntelligenceK3 Data storage

Experienced Big Data, IoT and Software Infrastructure Partner

Name: Amy Jones
Company Name: Tradebox Media LTD

Expertise offered:
Tradebox is a UK company with over ten year's experience in building world class software and data infrastructure for some of the world's most innovative companies. We'd be happy to discuss partnering with our friends and colleagues in the Eurogia network in big data and connected device and monitoring projects. Our areas of specialisation include: Novel remote sensor technologies Big data integration and analysis IoT back end, front end and firmware We have experience across a range of clean tech verticals.

Expertise key words:G1 Smart gridG2 Micro gridG3 Smart metersG7 Smart sensorsK1 IoTK2 Artificial IntelligenceK3 Data storage

Design Partner for FPGA, AI based edge computing, Power electronics and system evaluation

Name: deepak v katkoria
Company Name: logicdev eu

Expertise offered:
Logiicdev, a forward-thinking high-tech SME based in Austria, specializes in AI-driven testing equipment and FPGA based solution/IP. Our dedicated team excels in FPGA, software, hardware, firmware, and Python-based algorithm development. Our focus at logiicdev is to guide engineers and designers in crafting state-of-the-art electronic solutions. We place a premium on environmental sustainability, efficiency, reliability, digitalization, performance optimization, recyclability, and seamless integration with emerging technologies. With numerous successes under our belt, logiicdev has delivered FPGA, AI testing, IoT, and BLE solutions for laboratory monitoring and car parking applications.

Expertise key words:G1 Smart gridG3 Smart metersG6 Electronics & appliancesG7 Smart sensorsI1 BatteriesJ1 BatteriesJ2 Fueling/charging infrastructureK1 IoTK2 Artificial Intelligence

Digiital Twin Process of Engineering Buildings under Natural Hazards (Earthquake, Storm, Tsunami etc)


Expertise offered:
A group of Gebze Technical University-Department of Civil Engineering (GTU-CE) faculty members is offering the expertise of creating and developing digital twin framework for engineering buildings under natural hazards such as earthquake, storm, tsunami. The faculty group consists of professors and Ph.D. students who are specialized in development of digital twin modeling frameworks using advanced simulation algorithms.

Expertise key words:F7 OtherG7 Smart sensorsK1 IoT
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