Planning, analysis, technical support, consultancy services in all stages of engineering fields.

Name: Hacer Gediz Taskin
Company Name: INELSO Energy Systems Industry Import Export Incorporated Company

Expertise offered:
• Data Collection and Management • Monitoring • Multidisciplinary System Integration • Forecasting • Deep Learning, Machine Learning and AI • Technical Analysis • Building on existing open source models • Technical Support for all renewable energy types • Modelling of the energy use profile of typical consumers (industry, buildings, households, local heat networks, mobility and transport) for the different types of energy carriers • Developing modelling and simulation tool • Developing optimisation and medium-long term grid planning tool

Expertise key words:G1 Smart gridG3 Smart metersH1 Demand Side ManagementH2 Demand forecastH3 Energy as a serviceK1 IoTK2 Artificial Intelligence


Name: Tuğçe Oturakkaya

Expertise offered:
State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) R&D and Innovation Co., which is located in western Turkey in İzmir, Aliağa. SOCAR has an integrated petrochemical and refining site in the town of Aliağa, İzmir and as the R&D and Innovation Company. SOCAR R&D can demonstrate and validate the industrial feasibility and cost effectiveness of the technologies up to TRL 7 with its lab, pilot and petrochemical/refinery field operations. We have 4 funded EU projects which is CARMOF, CO2Fokus, NEFERTITI & LOUISE. CARMOF; SOCAR R&D Working Area Evaluation of demonstrator efficiency (absorption and desorption process) in each industrial demonstrator, Preparation of Guide[...]

Expertise key words:F4 BiomassF6 Oil | gas | coal enhanced practicesF7 OtherG4 Zero carbon buildingI4 Hydrogen storageK2 Artificial Intelligence

SHINE2Europe supports tasks concerning communication, dissemination and exploitation, economic and societal impact, ethics & privacy, and data governance & sharing, as well as policy recommendations, co-creation, citizen science and design of pilot trials

Name: Carina Dantas
Company Name: SHINE 2Europe

Expertise offered:
• Training, literacy and citizen empowerment • Policy recommendations • Entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation • Dissemination and outreach • Citizen engagement, citizen science, RRI • Ethical excellence • Societal impact analysis • Health and digital solutions • Data sharing governance Detailing some of these areas, SHINE delivers tasks to: • strengthening organisations roles and initiatives that enhance inclusion, active and participatory citizenship, human rights, health and care for the frailest, quality education and training. • promoting entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation and market outreach, through targeted impacts on different ecosystem layers. • directly engaging with stakeholders, end-users and citizens in co-creating, experimenting[...]

Expertise key words:F7 OtherI5 Other

Bastas Cement

Name: Cagatay Alp Arslan
Company Name: Bastas Cement

Expertise offered:
Cement industry is an energy and carbon intensive industry. We offer our expertise on cement production by using alternative energy sources and upcycling industrial and urban waste by producing eco-friendly blended cement and concrete products with real scale conditions. As industrial partner, Bastas Cement can bring added value to the projects by merging its industrial capability and experience, with industrial and/or pilot scale demonstrations by integrating capture units, up-concentration units and mineral carbonation reactors to process; researching and testing new mineral additives and design of new eco-cements; industrial and/or pilot scale demonstrations and testing of final products at TRL7-9.

Expertise key words:F1 WindF2 SolarF4 BiomassF6 Oil | gas | coal enhanced practicesG4 Zero carbon buildingG7 Smart sensorsI3 Thermal storageI4 Hydrogen storageI5 OtherK2 Artificial IntelligenceK3 Data storageK4 Blockchain

Pyrolysis materials and nutrient recovery from unexploited biomass

Name: Edward Someus
Company Name: 3R-BioPhosphate Ltd.

Expertise offered:
Zero emission pyrolysis processing, carbon refinery, formulation of output product materials and nutrient recovery from unexploited biomass

Expertise key words:F4 Biomass

The Carbon Sequestration and Soil Amendments Feature of Biochar in Greenhouse/Field Trials

Name: Ali Yetgin
Company Name: Toros Agri Industry and Trade Co. Inc.

Expertise offered:
Toros Agri R&D Centre is responsible for developing new fertilizers and application methods for various plant groups by conducting many research and development activities to find creative and permanent solutions to existing problems in plant nutrition area. While quality studies and research experiments are carried out in the chemistry laboratories, long term greenhouses studies and pot experiments are conducted for new fertilizer formulations. Real-scaled field studies are also carried out for different crop species in different regions of Turkey with the research outputs, and the R&D team is involved in data collection from the field and the analysis of the[...]

Expertise key words:F4 BiomassF7 Other


Name: Iván Santiago
Company Name: Ecovending (dispensadores automaticos ecológicos s.l.)

Expertise offered:
Our main goal is reduce the stages in the food chain, improving the proximity between farmers and customers, foster the responsable purchase, fair trade and zero waste. Where the farmers can have the possibility to sell their products directly to the consumers.

Expertise key words:K2 Artificial IntelligenceK3 Data storage

Development of interdisciplinary R&D in the areas of Mechanical and Materials Engineering and other related areas

Name: Rita Farinha
Company Name: CEMMPRE

Expertise offered:
Main areas: • Intelligent Manufacturing. • Design & Testing. • Surface and Interface Engineering. • Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology. • Bioengineering. • Advanced Sensor Systems.

Expertise key words:I5 OtherJ1 BatteriesK1 IoT

R&D partner on cork raw-material, processes and cork oak forest

Name: Raquel Nunes da Silva
Company Name: CTCOR - The Cork Technological Centre

Expertise offered:
Cork oak forest is a rich ecosystem that promotes soil conservation, microclimate regulation, desertification prevention and high levels of biodiversity. Furthermore, cork oak forest contributes to CO2 sequestration as a result of cork production. We have been interested on the enhancement of cork by-products and cork oak forestry activities, contributing to sustainable forestry and cork exploration, green processes and technologies, environment preservation, climate action and biodiversity. We are known as a specialized technological centre on cork preparation, by-products and manufacturing processes. Our expertise also includes life cycle analysis (LCA).

Expertise key words:F4 BiomassF7 OtherG4 Zero carbon building

MORE is available to work in partnership for this project.

Name: MORE - Mountains Collaborative Research Laboratory - Association
Company Name: MORE - Mountains Collaborative Research Laboratory - Association

Expertise offered:
To add and explain our areas of operation, we distinguished ourselves in the enhancement of by-products of agro-industrial and forestry activities, development of natural ingredients for different industrial sectors and branding in the food sector, sustainable agriculture and forestry, low consumption agriculture, “Green” technologies, climate action, environment and biodiversity, ecosystem resilience and resource and raw material efficiency, healthy aging programs and e-health tools, wellness tourism, spa and nature sports activities, preservation of cultural heritage and territorial enhancement, new tourism products and service, creation, implementation and monitoring of devices with capacity for analysis and control over industrial equipment and processes, development[...]

Expertise key words:F2 SolarF4 BiomassG5 Co-generation | CHPG7 Smart sensorsH3 Energy as a serviceI5 Other
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