Research University expertise in the design of Photovoltaic integration solutions

Name: Emilio Muñoz Ceron
Company Name: University of Jaen

Expertise offered:
University located in the South of Spain with an extensive experience in Photovoltaic Solar Energy, from design concepts to outdoors measurements. More info on:

Expertise key words:F2 SolarG2 Micro gridG4 Zero carbon buildingK2 Artificial Intelligence

R&D and innovation services about mathematical technology

Name: math-in
Company Name: Spanish Network for Mathematics & Industry (math-in)

Expertise offered:
Applying the most advanced mathematical techniques math-in provides a comprehensive range of solutions based on their experience in existing projects, and provides R&D and innovation services tailored to suit the specific requirements of each company. The mathematical technology provided by math-in enables innovation in new products and processes or the significant improvement of those that already exist. It also allows a deeper understanding of company processes in order to improve them and make the most effective use of available resources. Our service portfolio includes the following range of services: high-level scientific consultancy, specific and tailor-made training, collaboration in projects, software[...]


We are the alternative to chemical synthesis by providing natural alternatives to agronomic practices with the same effectiveness levels

Name: André Henriques
Company Name: KIMITEC

Expertise offered:
Kimitec is a biotechnology company that focuses on the farming industry and offers natural, highly innovative, alternative solutions, which are as effective as chemicals and allow to achieve the perfect balance between productivity, sustainability and human health. We have developed a natural alternative to agronomic practices dependent on synthetic chemistry, through our research efforts in the field of biotechnology, and engineered related products such as biopesticides (pest control), biostimulants (plant nutrition), and pre- and probiotics (soil microbiota regeneration). Our solutions do not minimize the growers’ industrial potential —healthy, productive, profitable crops—, but they do support our ultimate, most important goal:[...]

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