AI-enabled Renewable energY powered CaR Park MANagement Optimized Platform – AYRAN

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Title of my Project Idea
AI-enabled Renewable energY powered CaR Park MANagement Optimized Platform - AYRAN
Objective of my Project Idea

Our project is a smart and renewable energy supported parking lot system.
Solar carport application will be made in the parking lot area and electricity will be generated with solar energy.
Vertical wind turbines will be applied to certain point(s) in the parking lot and electricity generation will be provided.

We will support sustainability by transferring the generated electricity to electric vehicle (EV) charging units.
Artificial intelligence-supported cameras will be placed in the parking lot and we will learn the occupied/unoccupied information of the parking areas in real time.

A mobile application will be developed for the parking lot system.
Opportunities such as payment, navigation and reservation will be offered within the application.
In this way, solutions will be produced to the problem of vehicles searching for parking spaces, and thanks to these solutions, we will save fuel, time and most importantly carbon footprint.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about any issues such as your mind, curiosity, suggestions and opinions about the project.

Types of partners being sought
Solar carport
Proposal key words
  • F1 Wind
  • F2 Solar
  • J2 Fueling/charging infrastructure
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Name: Muhammed Emin KILINÇ
Type of Organisation: Industry
Country: Turkey

Brief description of my Organisation

Our goal when establishing Arma Kontrol in 2006 was to;
·To make the World hear a Turkish companies name on security & barrier systems industry. When we look today, you can see signature of Arma Kontrol on esteemed projects not only in Turkey, in many countries of the World.

·Our products, which are researched, designed and developed by our engineers have successfully awarded with international crash test certifications.

·In addition to international crash test certifications, our products also obtained to receive TUV Certification with million cycle series barriers which could perform uninterrupted without any malfunction.

·In the beginning, we set off the motto as “Global Barrier Brand”. In this path, We are steadily growing by adding new successes on this long way with our R&D inverstments, professional staff.

·We incorporated our technical service activities in 2019 and founded Arma Teknik Company to coordinate service and technical support to projects which we involved. Also In 2019, we have founded Arma WOC Companty, which will produce our software for our products, especially in the field of Access Control Systems and ERP, CRM, B2B, B2C. In 2020, we have founded Arma Park Company, which will operate in the field of smart city security solutions and parking systems. On the way we started with Arma Kontrol, we became a group that have reached 4 companies named as Arma  Group.

·We would like to firstly thank to our employees, social stakeholders and business partners who contributed to our growth.

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