Algorithm “Gaud-e” for energy savings and environmental care through automated architectural design.

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Title of my Project Idea
Algorithm "Gaud-e" for energy savings and environmental care through automated architectural design.
Objective of my Project Idea

The goal is to reduce pollution generated by the construction industry and buildings while making architectural designs 50% more energy and climate efficient. This can be achieved through the automation of architectural design using artificial intelligence. The automated design process incorporates millions of data points related to climate, environmental conservation, seismic activity, regulations, and potential environmental impact. By leveraging these data, complete 3D models can be generated for buildings, from foundation to roof. The shape of the buildings themselves should be capable of providing thermal comfort, climate adaptation, seismic resistance, and maximum energy efficiency through appropriate material selection and the inclusion of clean energy sources such as wind and solar power, as well as water conservation and extraction methods.

The "Gaud-E" algorithm will deliver different automated design options to achieve maximum energy efficiency and low pollution in any building project, optimizing and accelerating the entire design process until completion. Additionally, it will provide an energy indicator for homes, gardens, smart cities, allowing the evaluation and quantification of energy savings during the design phase. The algorithm will also incorporate energy-saving algorithms for existing buildings, covering areas such as elevators, lighting, and water consumption, to maximize energy efficiency.

"Gaud-E" should be capable of providing various 3D architectural models and options for both interior and exterior designs within minutes. These designs can be intuitively modified by users without any design or drafting knowledge, enabling the creation of well-planned cities instead of haphazard growth due to limited access to architectural, engineering, or construction professionals.

Types of partners being sought
Programmers in AI models GAN.
Proposal key words
  • G4 Zero carbon building
  • K2 Artificial Intelligence
  • K4 Blockchain
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Name: Ricardo Riffo
Company: Gaud-E AI.
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Chile
Telephone: +56952065487

Brief description of my Organisation

Gaud-E is a specialized company that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technologies to revolutionize architectural design and urban planning. Their primary objective is to develop intelligent and sustainable architectural solutions that can adapt and respond effectively to the ever-evolving needs of the built environment.

What truly sets Gaud-E apart is their exceptional ability to recognize and utilize a wide range of data, including climate data, materiality, local regulations, seismic parameters, and structural design. By meticulously collecting and analyzing detailed information about each specific location, Gaud-E gains profound insights into the context and conditions that will significantly impact the architectural project. This meticulous attention to detail empowers Gaud-E to design buildings and spaces that are not only visually appealing but also energy-efficient, resilient to natural disasters, and environmentally friendly.

Gaud-E employs cutting-edge AI algorithms to generate highly realistic 3D models and visualizations, empowering architects and designers to explore a myriad of possibilities and make informed decisions. Their holistic approach spans various domains, encompassing architectural design, smart city planning, landscaping, and interior decoration. This comprehensive range of expertise enables Gaud-E to provide integrated and well-rounded solutions for diverse projects.

What truly distinguishes Gaud-E from its competitors is their unwavering commitment to considering the specific architectural and urban aspects of each location. They embrace the concept of "genius loci," which encapsulates the unique essence and distinctive character of a place. By incorporating this philosophy into their design process, Gaud-E ensures that their creations seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment, harmonizing with the local context and enriching the overall identity of the area.

Sustainability and energy efficiency lie at the core of Gaud-E's principles. They leverage data-driven analysis to optimize the energy performance of buildings and mitigate their environmental impact. By integrating energy and climate parameters into their models and designs, Gaud-E offers innovative solutions that significantly reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions, and long-term operational costs.

In summary, Gaud-E stands as a trailblazing company in the realm of architectural design by leveraging AI and advanced technologies. Their unwavering dedication to data-driven analysis, meticulous consideration of specific architectural and urban aspects, and unwavering commitment to sustainability truly set them apart in the industry. Gaud-E's ability to create intelligent, efficient, and environmentally-friendly solutions positions them as a remarkable choice for those seeking innovative architectural designs that align with the demands of the future.

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