batteriless, gridless smart lighting pole (bless pole)

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Title of my Project Idea
batteriless, gridless smart lighting pole (bless pole)
Objective of my Project Idea

bless pole has gravity generator instead of batteries and flat wind turbine instead of mains supply. All system designed as a module and could be able to apply existing lighting or flag poles (or any poles) greater than 7 meters. Solar panels also not included in project due to global warm effect's of them. Whole systems is including metals and electronics. It uses flat turbine instead of 3 branch wind mill due to eleminate vibration and effect of material fatigue. Bless pole also has a zig-bee communication for survalence of environment(camera and other sensors) and also status of its gravity battery.

Types of partners being sought
any company or universities outside from Turkey
Proposal key words
  • F1 Wind
  • G2 Micro grid
  • G7 Smart sensors
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Turkey

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