Collaborative R&D in Environmental Processes

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Title of my Project Idea
Collaborative R&D in Environmental Processes
Objective of my Project Idea

We look for pressing challenges in environmental engineering. Whether it's developing advanced water treatment technologies, optimizing waste management systems, or implementing sustainable solutions, your consortium can make a significant impact on environmental sustainability.

TEDAGUA provides support in consortium formation, project development, and funding acquisition, drawing on our multidisciplinary team's expertise and industry connections. Together, we can drive innovation, address critical environmental issues, and create lasting positive change.

Contact us to explore partnership opportunities for innovative projects in environmental processes to shape the future of environmental engineering through collaborative R&D initiatives.

Types of partners being sought
SMEs, Universities, R&D Centres, Industry
Proposal key words
  • F4 Biomass
  • F7 Other
Presentation File

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Name: Jose Luis Molto Marin
Company: Tedagua (Grupo COBRA)
Type of Organisation: Industry
Country: Spain
Telephone: 914569500

Brief description of my Organisation

TEDAGUA, a leader in environmental engineering, invites organizations to collaborate in forming consortia for Research, Development, and Innovation (R&D&I) projects. With our extensive experience and successful track record, we aim to spearhead innovation in environmental processes through collaborative efforts.

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