Democratising inclusive, circular, sustainable, micro-mobility solutions. Modular key-components for frugal, enclosed Narrow Leaning Vehicles (NLVs).

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Title of my Project Idea
Democratising inclusive, circular, sustainable, micro-mobility solutions. Modular key-components for frugal, enclosed Narrow Leaning Vehicles (NLVs).
Objective of my Project Idea

'Automobile 2.0: Personal mobility and deliveries for digital generations'.

Ultra-downsized, enclosed vehicle-type/s offer highest probability/incentive to persuade habitual motorists reluctantly out of cars, taxis/PHV/Ubers. They offer convenience, comfort of cars, with additional advantages.

Safe, secure, weather-proof, cyclist/pedestrian/female-friendly vehicles used for time-sensitive/rainy/icy journeys, (eg medical) deliveries, private-hire, to-airport/rail, taxi, hospital-appointments, police, paramedics, privately owned, or hired-on-demand MaaS.

By speeding journeys, electric NLVs promise to help reduce congestion, road transport emission for ALL as a by-product, indirect, secondary function, including rural/urban/suburban/intra-urban use.

Compared to state-of-the art NLVs and cars, Stryker offers faster, more comfortable, manoeuvrability, closer parking proximity to point of origin/destination, simpler construction, reduced weight, circular economy impact promised, better meeting needs more capital/through-life cost-effectively.

Unfortunately, some existing micro-mobility solutions allow bikes/scooters (including hire-by-hour ones) to be chained to lamp-posts/driven on pavements, left abandoned, causing inconvenience/danger to some vulnerable groups.

Other solutions like wider taxis/PHVs/cars/vans, have unpredictable journey-times/coverage in urban/rural areas, as available parking/road/lane-space is decreasing for them.

Some vulnerable groups are precluded from public-transport, existing micro-mobility solutions, mopeds and driving.

Helping offer independence and inclusive access for door-to-door, zero-emission, personal mobility for all, including; infirm, elderly, vision/sensory/physically/neurological-challenged, assistance-dog owners, disfigured, wheelchair-bound, clinically obese, limited pathogen-resistant, stroke brain-damaged, heavily pregnant females, no driving-licence, parents, for 24/7/365 urban, rural, suburban use.

Types of partners being sought
OEM, Tier 1, automotive, moped, motorcycle, suspension, batteries, academics, tyres, drivetrain, wheels, composites, hydraulics, shock-absorbers, springs, crash-protection, air-bags, glazing, other automotive components.
Proposal key words
  • I1 Batteries
  • I2 Fuel cells
  • I5 Other
Presentation File

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Name: David G
Company: Stryker Design Ltd
Type of Organisation: Industry
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone: +44(0)78 60 61 26 07

Brief description of my Organisation

'Automobile 2.0: Personal mobility and deliveries for digital generations'.

As personal computers and smart-phones inclusively democratised computing and communications, we are inclusively democratising Zero-Emission personal mobility Vehicles, by reducing barriers to help adoption of ZEVs unfulfilled potential.

Stryker has invented breakthrough, hardware/software automotive suspension systems, enabling new vehicle-types, half the width, quarter the mass of conventional all-electric and hybrid cars, with all the comforts and some other advantages, to help unlock and accelerate adoption in ZEV sector.

Access to unique, granted IPR and trade secrets of our enabling automotive hardware and software suspension tech promises to help manufacturers to build; the lowest emission/fuel use, fully-enclosed, fully-powered, highway-speed, narrowest, congestion-busting, failsafe, practical road vehicle for any given vehicle power-source.

The tech is vehicle power-source agnostic, so future-proofed.

Vehicle enabled may be manned, unmanned, remote driven or driverless.

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