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Title of my Project Idea
Objective of my Project Idea

30 Marzo 2020
Innovative nanocoating that is able to produce electric energy from heated surfaces (also from the sun). It produces electricity from thermal differential effect and needs two surfaces at two different temperatures.

The coating is transparent, based on nano-particles, and can be easily applied to many materials

STARTEF srl has developed an innovative coating that is able to produce electric energy from heated surfaces (also from the sun). In detail the nanocoating produces electricity from thermal differential (Seebeck/Peltier) effect and needs two surfaces at two differenti temperatures.The coating is transparent, based on nano-particles, and can be easily applied to:

glass windows and doors: the nanocoating, being a transparent thermal conductor, turns out to be completely safe if applied to these materials, transforming the windows into real electricity generators exploiting the difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the glass ;
photovoltaic modules: the efficiency of commercial photovoltaic panels does not exceed 20% due to overheating problems. With the application on a photovoltaic panel of this coating, the EDT- layer does not affect the conversion of light into electricity, given the transparency of the layer itself, and also manages to cool the panel by increasing its efficiency to 40% and producing electricity using the subtracted heat;
Insulation modules for thermal coats: These modules are used as external or internal covering of buildings and apartments to increase their energy efficiency and reduce heat loss. If the surface of these panels were coated with EDT, the difference in temperature between the inside of the house and the outside could be exploited to produce electricity, in addition, by converting the heat into electricity, it prevents the passage between inside and outside, thus improving thermal insulation;
Customized support for energy recovery at an industrial level:

Types of partners being sought
Proposal key words
  • H3 Energy as a service
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Type of Organisation: Industry
Country: Italy
Web: https://www.startef.com/
Telephone: 3925143911

Brief description of my Organisation

STARTEF: Team profiles and projects.
Company Description: Startef is a private high-tech SME, a limited liability company (Ltd), founded in 2016
in Milan (Wat number 09362660962, REA number MI-2085944, Legal based, Viale Umbria, 78 -20135
MILAN - Phone +393925143911 - Email info@startef.com , Web Site WWW.STARTEF.COM), with the
core business of developing and selling the EDT ETF Nanotechnology. Creator, Inventor, Promoter, General
Manager of the company STARTEF srl, Coordinator of the European Consortium is the Mechatronic Engineer
Elis Mantovani, (76 years old, holder of the know-how and of the EDT and complementary patents) with over
50 years of experience on emerging field of nano technologies and expert in micro tool machine construction,
working at the Italian-Swiss MIKRON sa Group (https://www.mikron.com/it/). From 1956 to today he has
won numerous awards, the first for the innovative overhead door at the Geneva fair, then he designed and built
the first Automatic Tire Machines of the French Michelin Group, conceived, designed and built for BIC pen
production machines and BIRO, then sold with the know-how to Indian investors, still in operation today. For
20 years he has concentrated with research and studies on the conception, prototyping and patenting of the
new EDT project. We are aware that our proposal has so far encountered a thousand obstacles and
impediments, it is understandable how an invention of this magnitude can annoy the great oil companies
around the world, but it is also true, that today is the time to reverse the route. to decarbonise the Planet from
Oil. The extreme consequences, anticipated 30 years ago by scientists, are there for all to see, and the European
Commission is doing very well to beat its fists and put all its energy into the field for a clean and ecosustainable
planet. Our Health and the fight against Coronavirus could also improve thanks to EDT
Project. Engineer Mantovani (genial inventor and intellectual ) is assisted by a serious and prepared
professional team, which intends to spend every self- denial for the success of EDT.
Team Management:
1- Eng. Elis Mantovani, (GD) (KHT) STARTEF General Director
has 50 years of skills in building Tecnological Machine for Micro-tools, Degree in Mechanical Engineering
specializing in Machine Production Machines for Micro Tools, thanks to his over thirty years of experience
with excellent results and international awards and an excellent background that led him, among other things,
at the head of a multinational launched with 180 employees and consolidated in a very short period of time
with 500 employees (60% Engineers) in
the production of Micro Systems and Micro-Tool Machines. Specializing in the integration of highspeed
processes, even particularly complex in almost 40 years of experience in the field of processes, they
have conferred on EM total mastery in dealing with very complex assembly and automation projects. A large
archive of standardized processes ensures quality, stability and reliability for nanotechnological solutions. By
virtue of its global vision and mastery of the entire operating process, from the assembly and integration of
complex processes to the use of a standard range of standardized equipment with the automation solutions for
assembly made by him, they have always been a guarantee of quality, reliability and superior performance
standards. The same will play the role of General Manager, overseeing and coordinating all the various
business areas and activities (Production, Training, Development, C & Q, Testing, Manipulations, Data
Management, Systems Informatization, Inspections, Sales, etc ...), preparing strategic operational and
production lines for the achievement of economic results and business operations. 6- Eng. N. Franzese, (DEM
- PDI) degree in Electrical Engineer Expert in Electrical Systems Design, Expert in the Design and Adjustment
of Electrical Systems, High Specialization both in the private plant and public with important assignments
throughout Italy.
2-Cristian Tavella,Ceo

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