Energy storage carbon borane porous material for hydrogen

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Title of my Project Idea
Energy storage carbon borane porous material for hydrogen
Objective of my Project Idea

Production of carbon based materials from the mixtures of biomass and plastic waste via pyrolysis process:The production of ultra-porous materials by pyrolsis for hyrdrogen storage and transportation.

The life is based on carbon in the Earth. We are carbon based life form. Therefore, the produced biomaterials should be compatible with body. The pyrolysis is a thermochemical conversion tecnique that the presumbly the solid mass can be converted into liquid (tar), solid (char) and gas matrials. along with the production of petroleum equivalent pyrolytic liquid, pyrolysis process is a promising technique to produce solid carbon based materials, chars. The fine structured plant and biomass are appropriate starting materials if they are especially porous. The resulting of the pyrolysis process of these biomass can produce and result in carbon based porous matrerials and some precursors materials for carbon nano tubes and fullerens can be produced. Alternatively, the produced tailored porous polymeric materials can be pyrolyzed to obtain fine structured carbon mateirials after pyrolsis process. And if handled carefully, the tissues of plants and animals can be pyrolyzed to obtain smart nano devices. It is well known that the affinity of carbon and borane to hydrogen. Hence the probably the produced carbon-borane based ultra-porous structure would have great deal of reversible hydrogen adsorption and desorption capacity.

Types of partners being sought
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Proposal key words
  • F4 Biomass
  • I4 Hydrogen storage
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Name: Bahattin Aydınlı
Company: Kastamonu University
Type of Organisation: University
Country: Turkey
Telephone: +905363537350

Brief description of my Organisation

Kastamonu University is new but highly qualified and developing university both in Turkey and Globe. It is especially specialized in Forestry and Tourism. Education Faculty and Forestry faculties are one of the well structured faculties prior to foundation as Kastamonu University. Now, Kastamonu University has many faculties and vocational high schools: Medicinary Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Faculty of Art and Science, Theology Faculty, Communication Faculty, Fishery Fculty and Tourism Faculty are some basic ones.

There is central research Lab. and many analysis and testing can be executed. And some special facilities for forestry and natural torism are founded. Also newly founded teknokent is offering many oppurtinities for small scale production and business. There is small dam cultivating trout fish for both research and selling.

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