Environmental Anomies central monitoring systems (artificial intelligence embedded)

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Title of my Project Idea
Environmental Anomies central monitoring systems (artificial intelligence embedded)
Objective of my Project Idea

Our environment is the first home for us and all lives.
Just as we do not want to give our own 2nd house the exhaust pipe and chimney smoke, we will not leave this pollution to our environment.
We are not helpless in the process we are in.
Monitoring system technologies have made our hand easier with an appropriate level of power.
Many technological innovations such as sensor technology, wireless transmission, central monitoring analysis have brought together a smart monitoring and tracking point.
The project summary:
To interpret all chemical, biological (liquid, gas, solid state) environmental pollution from micro facilities (houses, vehicles, offices) to macro facilities (factories, mine exploration stations, etc.) that leave environmental pollution with point-to-point analysis and to evaluate them at the central station.
Following the process, it is to apply legal methods such as warning those concerned, imposing fines and closing the facility.
A software that will even be penalized in the electronic environment will be installed with hardware discipline.
For example, in the analysis of the smoke coming out of the ionic static filters placed in the factory chimneys; The pollution left to the environment will be dominated by the point sensor combination that evaluates the information such as carbon emission, particles, soot etc.
We will present an environmentally friendly system to the world with a fast interactive work with very fast warning e-mails and SMS communication channels.
Many base stations are hardware that makes our hand easier.
Presentation will be made with a block diagram.

Types of partners being sought
Proposal key words
  • G7 Smart sensors
  • K1 IoT
  • K2 Artificial Intelligence
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Name: Kalender Kılıç
Company: koray İnnovations
Type of Organisation: Research
Country: Turkey
Telephone: +905366081772

Brief description of my Organisation

Koray Innovations; Its aim is to commercialize innovative and technological inventions with early stage market potential with the most accurate business models. Technology and innovation-based, seeking the contributions of university researchers and academic knowledge and participating in the solution process together.
Together with our team, his inventions, innovations and intellectual property rights; development, patenting and productization are our priority.
As a result, it is to transform the relevant ones of the intellectual capital into products and services that will raise the living standards of the society.
I worked with NASA GeoCosmo on earthquake early warning systems.
Reference advice is available.
We seek support to bring invention ideas to life

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