MOBILE FLOATING TURBINE generates electricity on slow moving and large volume rivers

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Title of my Project Idea
MOBILE FLOATING TURBINE generates electricity on slow moving and large volume rivers
Objective of my Project Idea

Our mobile floating turbine generates electricity on slow moving and large volume rivers. These rivers offer predictable energy in 24/7 to be harvested locally by our small scale and mobile turbine.
The best places to produce electricity with the mobile turbines are the pontoons and jetties tied to riverbanks. The pontoons are already established, closer to the current and offer a place to fix the turbines. Many of them are already connected to the grid in the shore and pay for its own electricity. The riverbank facilities are used for commercial and recreational mooring, for bars and restaurants and even for hotels and housing. Owners and operators of pontoons, jetties and fixed boats will buy our turbine.
We have already built our working prototype. We need to improve it and prepare manufacturing.

Types of partners being sought
Manufacturer for improving and building the turbine, Hydrodynamics research institute
Proposal key words
  • F5 Marine power
  • G2 Micro grid
Presentation File


File name: powerwhale-prez-2022-sept.pptx

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Name: Gabor Toro
Company: Fair Hydro
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Hungary

Brief description of my Organisation

Fair Hydro was founded in Hungary in 2016 by two friends who share a passion for boating and sailing.
We own Fair Hydro:
Denes Hajto – naval engineer, navigator and inventor, 15 years of experience with engineering projects on European lakes and rivers: boats, pontoons, harbors.
Gabor Toro – business developer, management consultant, 20 years of experience with business trainings, business development and innovation management.
We have joined forces to realize Denes’ invention, build and sell mobile floating turbines that generate renewable electricity.

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