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Title of my Project Idea
Objective of my Project Idea

The purpose of this proposal is to ecologically supply nearly zero-energy concepts for a solar apartment (NZECSA) with minimal cost by suggesting the optimal energy harvesting methodologies, multi-functional bi-facial BIPV, optimal insulation for envelope, and convergence of radiant heating and cooling system, etc.

+SP1(Sub-Project 1): Regional ecological Criteria for Building envelope & system

+SP2: Convergence of radiant heating and Cooling without any energy input

+SP3: Multi-functional Bi-facial Building Integrated Photovoltaic as a Shade

+SP4: Intelligent energy management
+SPn: We need your innovative sub-project idea which can be chemically converged with the other sub-projects
(SP1-SP4) for NZECSA.

Types of partners being sought
We need partners with innovative sub-project ideas which can be chemically converged with the other sub-projects (SP1-SP4) for NZECSA from several different countries.
Proposal key words
  • F2 Solar
  • G4 Zero carbon building
  • H1 Demand Side Management
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Name: Seung-Ho Yoo
Company: Sehan University
Type of Organisation: University
Country: Korea South
Telephone: 0082614691324

Brief description of my Organisation

Foundation of Sehan University : 1994~, at southern part of Republic of Korea,
Professors & Staffs: 230.
My lab. (Solar Architecture Lab.) : 1997 ~

Ph.D Work : TU Berlin, Germany (1994)
(Hermann-Rietschel Institute for Heating and Ventilation)

M.S & B.S : Hanyang University in Seoul, Republic of Korea
(Architectural Environment)

Abroad research experience:
2005 : Guest professor at EMPA in Swiss
2001-2002 : Guest professor at ETH Zurich in Swiss
2000 : Guest professor at TU Berlin in Germany

Our research group has continuously concentrated on embedding a passive intelligence into building envelope and radiant heating & cooling system for Solar Architecture since 1997.
We try to always find and deploy an ecological intelligence, but the most valuable one in the ecological sense of building energy related to solar architecture.

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