New wall construction system based on recycled plastic blocks

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Title of my Project Idea
New wall construction system based on recycled plastic blocks
Objective of my Project Idea

By recycling PET plastic containers, the raw material is obtained to be injected into plastic blocks.
These blocks are assembled quickly and easily to build walls without requiring advanced knowledge in construction, which makes it possible for companies to use it as well as carry out self-construction.
This materializes in the fact that the walls of a 50 square meter house are built in just 4 days with 2 people.
Due to the characteristics of PET plastic, the result is a wall that does not burn, is resistant to UV rays, resistant to humidity, and does not attract mouse or insects.
Given the hollow structure of the blocks, it is possible to fill them with different materials, improving their thermal and acoustic insulation. Along with the possibility of incorporating a metal or wooden structure inside that allows anchoring to the ground, supporting the roof and preventing the blocks from separating in the event of an earthquake.
Another advantage is having special blocks to avoid delays in cutting blocks for anchoring to the floor or roof and allows water and electricity pipes to be introduced without the need to drill the already assembled walls, reducing assembly times.

Types of partners being sought
construction, injection, recycling
Proposal key words
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Name: Ariel Estrada
Company: Reciclaje Creplasse Limitada
Type of Organisation: Industry
Country: Chile
Telephone: +56944065226

Brief description of my Organisation

We are 3 partners and one worker. Two of the partners use 100% of their time in the company. The third is an money partner.
Since 2020, the recycling plant with a capacity of 10 tons per month began operating and in 2021 the 4 types of blocks began to be injected.
We have carried out several projects but we still need to make Creplasse known and have construction companies want to adopt this new construction system.

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