RePG AQUA Air Water Generator

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Title of my Project Idea
RePG AQUA Air Water Generator
Objective of my Project Idea

RePG AQUA transforms the relative humidity in the air into clean water that people can drink.The device absorbs the moisture in the air by means of a fan. The moisture in the sucked air is condensed in the device and transferred to the collection container. Afterwards, the water obtained is sent to the water filtering system by means of a pump. In the water filtering system, 4 different filters have been used that play a role in transforming the water produced from the air into high-quality drinking water. By means of filters, the water is cleaned from bacteria and mineral supplements are made. Thus, potable water is obtained. This water is stored ready to drink in 2.4-litre cold water and 1.2-litre hot water tank. The device can produce approximately 15 litres of water per day at 60% humidity. It makes 4 litres of drinking water ready every 6 hours.RePG AQUA is to be able to work in any place where there is air and produce water by simply plugging it into an electrical outlet. It does not need an extra waste line for the discharge of water. Moreover, compared to its counterparts, much data can be tracked live thanks to mobile applications and sensors.
The product consumes a maximum of 160 watts/L of energy. This value is 50% less than its competitors. This will be a very profitable investment in terms of the economy due to less electricity consumption.
According to the results of market analysis, the sales price of RePG Aqua is 3 times less than its counterparts.

Types of partners being sought
There is a need to make microbiological chemical analyzes of water and to examine monomer compounds to make it a better quality water. - Biologist ,chemical engineer -observing the occupancy rate, -observing the change time of the filters, -Software engineer, developer
Proposal key words
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Name: Bilal
Company: RePG Energy
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Turkey

Brief description of my Organisation

The company operates in the field of innovative renewable energy systems with its own license and patents. The company realizes electricity generation based on renewable energy sources, which has never been used before with existing techniques and can operate for most of the year, for residential and industrial applications. For electric and hybrid vehicles, it offers a range extender based on a renewable energy source. While providing fuel systems based on renewable energy sources for conventional vehicles, it produces drive systems for land and sea vehicles, and it also manufactures and implements heating – cooling – HVAC and air conditioning systems for houses and vehicles, and freshwater production systems based on renewable energy sources.

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