Silicon Carbide R&D

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Title of my Project Idea
Silicon Carbide R&D
Objective of my Project Idea

• research and development into the following;

SiC, which has a superior fundamental material properties over Si for power electronics applications, such as high breakdown electric field, thermal conductivity, saturation carrier velocity, enables highly efficient, compact, high power density power system that requires less passive components, simpler thermal management, and higher reliability than Si based power system.
• To maximize the performance benefits of SiC over Si based power electronics system, we are using differentiating module packaging technology that combines flex, PCB and wafer level processes to improve device miniaturization and performance, minimum wire-bonding and solderless direct pad interconnect and routing to reduce/match parasitic inductance and resistance and planar interconnect scheme using polyimide plus metal layers for compact integration of active and passive components and double side cooling.• It would create less carbon generation through efficient usage of energy, thus there would less pollution, energy conservation and ultimately would contribute sustainable and cleaner society. We would be able to inherit to our next generation healthy world as well as slow down climate change which is a result of carbon creation from inefficient usage of energy.

Types of partners being sought
research and development partners located in France, Germany and Hungary
Proposal key words
  • F2 Solar
  • G4 Zero carbon building
  • G6 Electronics & appliances
Type of Organisation: Industry
Country: Germany

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