Smartphone based big data analytics project

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Title of my Project Idea
Smartphone based big data analytics project
Objective of my Project Idea

INNOBIZ Group (Pty) Ltd (INNOBIZ) is on the drive to convert their research ideas of big data analytics interface of the soil into a practical algorithm for soil fertility testing to unlock the productivity potential of small-scale crop farmers. INNOBIZ has proven its research concept of using a smartphone-based digital image to predict physical and chemical soil properties for agricultural soil testing.

INNOBIZ investigated the probability of using a generic smartphone camera to collect soil data and analytically derive information about soil nitrogen, pH, texture and moisture content. A solution towards affordable and easy access to soil testing services, INNOBIZ has developed a ‘first-of-its-kind’ agricultural soil analysis mobile application. We have formulated a modular (core-shell) innovation scope by combining, two state-of-art digital tools; Digital Image Processing (DIP) and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (ML-AI), in the form of a smartphone-based application for serving in the agriculture sector. INNOBIZ has developed a Multiple Linear Regression (MRL) algorithm that can be incorporated into the independent device and mobile application.

Types of partners being sought
Experts in digital image processing, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence
Proposal key words
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Name: Lindokuhle Mdletshe
Company: INNOBIZ Group (Pty) Ltd
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: South Africa
Telephone: +27767690584

Brief description of my Organisation

INNOBIZ has developed the first of its kind mobile application technology. Our innovation offers agricultural soil testing, it predicts physical and chemical properties of your backyard garden or farm soil. Our innovation is about touching the lives of ordinary people and driving socio-economic prosperity through science, engineering, and technology (SET) skills. The company’s mission is to ensure that by the end of 2023, we provide our services to 50 clients through profitable and sustainable business practice. The next phase is to customize our mobile app for mines to test minerals in soil.

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