Solar Facade and Thermal Energy Storage For Zero Carbon Buildings

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Title of my Project Idea
Solar Facade and Thermal Energy Storage For Zero Carbon Buildings
Objective of my Project Idea

Idea: SoFanTES reimagines zero-emission buildings (ZEB) by seamlessly integrating a solar facade, high-efficiency HVAC, and thermal energy storage (TES) into a single, scalable solution. The system with solar façade technology offers an energy-efficient building envelope as well as economical and easy thermal energy storage. The same system can also be used for summer cooling with evaporative cooling. The innovative aspect of the technology lies in its ability to correlate thermal energy, which can be stored according to specific climatic conditions and building types, with the façade surface area. This inherent “scalability” allows TES (Thermal Energy Storage) systems and ZEB buildings to be easily designed, taking into account climatic conditions, solar radiation and façade-related factors such as heat loss. It also allows design and operation processes to be carried out with digital tools such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) and digital twin. As a result, SoFanTES offers tailored solutions for a wide range of climates and building types (both new buildings and old buildings undergoing renovation). Objective: To create a commercially viable and scalable ZEB or (NZEB) system that maximizes solar energy utilization, minimizes fossil fuel dependence, and delivers superior thermal comfort.
Significant renewable energy use: By capturing and storing solar energy within the solar facade (or Solar Panels PV etc.), we aim to meet a substantial portion of winter heating needs with renewable energy, even in cold climates.
Reduced energy consumption: The integrated TES system optimizes energy use by storing excess solar energy for later use, minimizing reliance on conventional energy sources.
Enhanced thermal comfort: The solar facade provides efficient heating and cooling, ensuring consistent and comfortable temperatures for building occupants year-round.
Scalable ZEB design: SoFanTES offers a modular and adaptable solution that can be applied to various buildingtype

Types of partners being sought
Thermal Energy Storage, Solar Energy, (Solar collector PV etc.), Digital Solutions for Building Energy management and analysis.
Proposal key words
  • F2 Solar
  • G4 Zero carbon building
  • I3 Thermal storage
Presentation File


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Name: ercan baser
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Turkey
Telephone: +903123509990

Brief description of my Organisation

TOPRAK is a SME focused on smart facade solutions. We are experienced in HVAC integrated facade designs that can easily benefit from renewable energy sources.
SMART FAÇADE is a patented system (EPO No 17201331.0 - 1008 I 3499139). It is an innovative curtain wall, which is integrated with central heating/cooling and ventilation system. TOPRAK is founded in 2016 with the the grant of TUBITAK and the first project was completed in 2020 with the prototype production successfully. The results of the project were published in an international symposium. In 2021, first pilot project working on a real- life environment was constructed in ANKARA-TURKEY.
Web : / Youtube: UCmLId2tEZss4hfy khij1MTA/

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