Water conservation using circular economy floating covers

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Title of my Project Idea
Water conservation using circular economy floating covers
Objective of my Project Idea

It is a fact that the water cycle will be more unpredictable and the water itself will be scarce year by year because of the climate change.
We manufacture a proven solution to protects and conserves the water by covering it with our modular floating covers that reduces the water evaporation up to 97%. We have been covering different types of ponds and reservoirs for different industries (mining, agriculture, wastewater treatment plants, oil & gas, etc) but are infinite water bodies exposed that means nothing but water losses.
Our approach incorporates a circular economy view by using recycled plastic and renewable energy to manufacture the floating covers. We are proudly the only ones in this industry that have achieved this.

Types of partners being sought
service providers for mining, agriculture, oil & gas and wastewater treatment plants
Proposal key words
  • F6 Oil | gas | coal enhanced practices
  • F7 Other
Presentation File


File name: covexr50_presentation.pptx

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Name: Cristobal Rodillo
Company: Exma
Type of Organisation: Industry
Country: Chile
Web: https://www.covex-cover.com/

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